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Norris Print-Tech A/S is a specialist within barcodes, labels and data capture.

    • Label printers and applicators
    • Labels and thermal transfer ribbon
    • Label software and printer system integration
    • Barcode scanners
    • Handheld- and truck terminals
    • Professional wireless Networks

The ultimate solution

We are independent of supplier and investor interests. That means you get impartial technical consultancy and a solution that matches your needs. We regularly test different combinations of label materials and thermal transfer ribbon to find the optimal solutions for different applications.

We often get involved when manufacturers develop products

We benefit from direct contact with the manufacturers, as we are official importers and/or distributors of all printers, software, scanners and handheld terminals. It also means we always have a hand in the development of new specially-adapted products and solutions for difficult labelling jobs. We often take part in tests and evaluate new products based on our many years of experience.
We are also active in all major organizations such as AIM (since 1988) and EAN/GS1.

UL-certified label supplier, Zebra and cab partner

Only very few companies in Scandinavia are UL-certified to produce and deliver UL-approved label and ribbon material (UL File No. MH27707) – but we are. As such, we can also deliver solutions to companies exporting to North America.
We are furthermore a Zebra Authorised Service Provider and Motorola PartnerSelect business partner.

Nationwide serviceNPT-MedarbejderFotoSamlet_4

We have technical consultants in Aalborg and Copenhagen who provide consultancy, support and service for all of Denmark. In case of acute problems, our specialized technicians can usually be on site the same day – unless the problem can be solved over the phone.

Day-to-day delivery

We keep all spare parts and thermal transfer ribbon in stock. Therefore, we can delivery from day to day, so your production is not interrupted.

Sound and reliable partner

The products we carry are carefully chosen on the basis of our more than 30 years of experience. We have worked with thermal transfer label printer technology since its breakthrough in 1986. Norris Print-Tech A/S is owned by its founders, the Norris family, via Holding companies. Our AAA (Triple A) credit rating (Dun & Bradstreet) is a sign of a sound and credible business partner in the IT industry.





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Norris Print-Tech A/S | | CVR-nr. 25100573

Sofiendalsvej 81 | DK-9200 Aalborg SV | Tel. +45 98 18 17 77

Gydevang 2F | DK-3450 Allerød | Tel +45 70 27 25 54

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